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The Sourcing Innovation Resource Site is NOT Actively Maintained and Has Not Been Maintained since 2017. It is preserved for historical reference purposes only.

The Sourcing Innovation Resource Site is the companion website to the Sourcing Innovation Blog, the leading supply and spend management blog focussed on education and technology. It is a wholly owned service of ToP KaTS Consulting, a consultancy that focusses on the Supply Chain, Optimization, Analytics, and Technology needs of modern business.


What is the goal of the resource site?
The goal of the Sourcing Innovation Resource Site is to be your one stop shop in your efforts to find leading educational resources on the web that you can use to improve yourself, your company, and your supply chain.

Why have you chosen a retro look and feel for the site?
The retro look and feel was chosen to exaggerate the conscientious return to the good old days of the free web where there was no clutter, no fuss, no obnoxious advertisements -- just simple websites that gave you the 411 straight up no matter what browser you chose!

Who can submit resources for inclusion?
Anyone! The bottom of every page has a Submit It! link that you can use to submit resources for consideration. Alternatively, you can go right to the Submission Index which indexes the submission page for each type of resource currently index by the resource site.

Are you going to track X?
Sourcing Innovation adds new content every week and eagerly accepts suggestions for new types of content to include.

Terms of Service

This website, which is provided as-is, is as a free public service offered as a companion site to the Sourcing Innovation Blog. The terms of service are as follows.
  • It is intended for non-commercial use only.
  • The right to discontinue service at any time without notice (subject to any restrictions defined in sponsorship agreements) is reserved.
  • The right to reject any submission for any reason including, but not limited to, unverifiability, obscenity, and potential violation of state, provincial or federal law is reserved.
  • No warranties are made as to the accuracy of any third party information provided. It is up to the user to verify all details with the relevant entity before using such information.
  • You wave any liability, either express or implied, that may result from the use of any information provided on this website, regardless of the source.


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