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Company Description & Categorization Updated Flag
Corporate United Procurement Outsourcing and Group Purchasing
GPO / Outsourcing
Corridor Consulting Strategic Technology Consulting for Supply Chain Operations
Consulting / Supply Chain Services
Cortera Credit Reports, Company Profiles, Business Information
Supply Chain Services / Supply Chain Services
Coupa World's First Open Source e-Procurement Platform
Procurement / SaaS
Credensoft Solutions End-to-end electronic procurement system that enables procurement of products and services electronically from both local and international suppliers
Marketplace / e-RFX
CSC High Impact Supply Chain Assessment (HISCA) Consulting.
Consulting / Supply Chain Services
CT Space Web-based collaboration, business process management and document management solutions.
Document Management / Collaboration
CTSI Information Management, Transportation Optimization, and Payment Solutions for the Supply Chain.
Optimization / Supply Chain Software Online Manufacturing Resource for Part, Process, and Material Selection
Marketplace / Manufacturing
CVM Solutions Supplier Registration & Master Data Management, Spend Analysis, Supplier Scorecarding, and Reporting
Data Management / Supplier Information Management
Cylon Technology A contract-management based procurement and sales management solution.
Contract Management / Procurement
D&B Supplier intelligence, supplier diversity data services, and an on-demand supply risk management solution.
Supplier Information Management / Risk Management
D. W. Morgan Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting & Transportation Management
Consulting / 3PL
Damco Customs Services Customs services consulting for importers and exporters.
Consulting / Global Trade
Dassault Systemes PLM & 3D Modeling solutions for automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, high-tech, consumer goods, life sciences, construction, energy, and process industries.
PLM / Modeling
Datalliance Vendor Management Inventory Software and Services
VMI / Supply Chain Software
DataLyzer SPC Software for quality improvement and consulting
Supply Chain Software / Manufacturing
DCR Workforce DCR Workforce manages the planning, procurement and administration of your contingent workforce and outsourced projects.
Procurement / SaaS
DecideWare On-Demand Strategic Relationship Management
Supplier Relationship Management / SaaS
Decision Analysis Partners Strategy, Operations, Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain Management Consulting.
Consulting / Supply Chain Services

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