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Inspiration Sponsorship

As a sponsor of a Sourcing Innovation Inspiration, you will have access to all of the leads generated during the initial 90 day lead generation effort.

A Sourcing Innovation Inspiration is a short 3-7 page focussed on a particular problem or solution within a focus area covered by Sourcing Innovation. It makes a good quick-hit introduction to to important topics and issues for the busy C-suite executive or on-the-fence prospect. Depending on the subject matter at hand, the depth, breadth, and length of the paper can vary at the discretion of the Sourcing Innovation Editor-in-Chief, Michael Lamoureux, who has the final say over the content, structure, and presentation.

ToP KaTS Consulting, which includes the wholly owned entity of Sourcing Innovation, maintains the exclusive copyright to the work for as long as the copyright is valid under copyright law. A sponsor is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual right to distribute the complete and unaltered white paper for educational purposes after the initial 90-day lead generation effort has completed.

Note that, unlike Illuminations, Inspirations use a single tier sponsorship model.

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