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National Association of Educational Procurement
   Toni Valenti
NAEP is a non-profit professional association serving higher education procurement. NAEPs mission is to facilitate the development  
NBTA Strategic Meetings Management Programs (SMMP)
   Debi Scholar
Strategic Meetings Management Programs (SMMP) is the strategic management of enterprise-wide meeting related processes  
NCMA Southern Nevada Chapter
   Lindsay Banko
NCMA is an individual-membership  
Nestle Procurement Professionals
   Asvin Master
This is a Networking Group for all Procurement Professionals involved in the World of Procurement within The Nestle Group.  
   Dario Brignone
Supply chain management  
Northwest Supply Management Association
   Joseph Henry
Affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (formerly the National Association of Purchasing Management)  
Oracle Supply Chain Manufacturing Experts
   Larry Sherrod
This is a group for users and consultants interested in Oracle Supply Chain Management products.  
Outsourcing & Offshoring
   Dan Bhide
Promote an all-sided exchange of views and ideas on implications of growing trends in Global Outsourcing and Offshoring of services and manufacturing. Subjects - Call Centers  
Outsourcing & Supply Chain Solutions Group
   Lisa Shambro
The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing (F4SS) is a collaborative  
Packaged Media Supply Chain Management
   Dominic Atkinson
A group for those interested in the field of SCM to discuss theory and rhetoric  
Pharmacy Procurement Professionals
   Rinku Patel
This is a Group of Pharmacy Procurement Professionals that have Supply Chain & Industry/Trade Relations Experience with the Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers.  
Planners Global Network
   Jordy Stravers
This is a group for Planners within the logistics  
Print & Print Procurement
   Francis Grogan
This group is for those in and associated with the print industry. It has been set up for the purpose of networking between printers and print buyers  
Process Improvers
   Stefan Hermes
Sharing knowledge and experience in the improvement of processes througout the supply chain.  
Procure IT Right (PIR)
   Magnus Lien
A group open only to current and former (alumni) PIR consultants to share and build procurement and sourcing competence and experience.  
   Marc Janssen
Former & current consultants of Procure-IT  
Procurement & SCM
   Marco Pimpao
This group aims at becoming a forum for professionals  
Procurement - Indirect or Non Core spend
   David Turner
This is a group for Procurement and Finance professionals who are dedicated to seeking best value from Indirect or Non Core Spend within Companies. Share experiences of successes and failures and also to network amongst fellow practitioners or those  
Procurement and Supply Chain Leaders
   Tim Palmer
This is a group of professionals that work within Fortune 500 companies. Global experience  
Procurement Directors Forum
   Sarah Lim
Networking tool for senior executives / CPOs globally  

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