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Procurement Executives
   Stephen Guth
Procurement Executives Networking Group  
Procurement Forum
   Dawna Cole
A place to get advise and learn how to effectively research and win government bids  
Procurement Information Exchange
   Nick Chong
Procurement Information Exchange is a forum based pipeline that allows all procurement professionals to share their experience  
Procurement Innovation
   Paul Davis
This group is for procurement professionals who wish to share examples of innovative products or services they have procured  
Procurement Leaders Network
   Mark Perera
Welcome to the Procurement Leaders Network group on LinkedIn.  
Procurement Network
   Erwin Overdijk
Network for procurement professionals and managers  
Procurement Network
   Cristina Marin
The aim of this group is to link procurement professionals from all over the world.  
Procurement People
   Christian Kaic
For people working in the private sector within the departments of Procurement/Purchasing/Sourcing with the purpose of networking across different areas of mutual interest.  
Procurement Professionals
   Rajesh Makwana
Procurement Professionals are group of people working either for Direct or Indirect Procurements. Purpose of the Group is to build strong network of END TO END procurements in various fields across different Industries.  
Procurement Professionals
   Joost Aarts
A network of Professionals within the field of Procurement  
Procurement Professionals
   Paul R. Bouwman
supply chain & sourcing - Opportunities, network & jobs  
Procurement Professionals Group
   Pascal Dogbe
PPG provides a forum for anybody who loves the acquisition profession.  
Procurement Professionals Group (PPG)
   Sivakumar Ramaswamy
Objective is to bring all procurement professionals across industry across India under one roof to have a better understanding on the latest industry practices  
Procurement Professionals Group (PPG)
   Manikandan Mangalathumadam
This group is specifically focused towards procurement professional who are intersted in sharing and understanding about procurement outsourcing maketplace. This group would also share the best practices of sourcing/esourcing  
Procurement Professionals in Sweden
   Bertil Kleiss
Group for Purchasers in Sweden  
Procurement Response and Emergency Preparedness
   Mark Turcotte
The PREP emergency logistical support network is comprised of procurement entities that agree  
Procurement World
   Evgeny Shelkanov
This is a group for people who cannot emagine their life without procurement !  
Profesional Procurement
   Dennis Rueb
This group is for all people that have a strong belief that professional procurement is a strategic role in a professional organisation  
Professionals in Supply Chain Management
   Loet Van Duren
Supply Chain Management group facilitated by SC Projects& Consultancy with the objective sharing experience in SCM projects in different areas : Strategic Sourcing  
Purchasing Management Association of Philadelphia
   Bill Swank
For members of the Purchasing Management Association of Philadelphia which is a not-for-profit professional association  

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