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The Sourcing Innovation Resource Site is NOT Actively Maintained and Has Not Been Maintained since 2017. It is preserved for historical reference purposes only.

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Release Date Podcast Sponsor Updated Flag
2008-Mar-4 2008 Priorities and Challenges in Spend Management Ariba  
2008-Apr-8 A Framework for Serialization and Pedigree Compliance SupplyScape  
2008-Mar-26 Accelerating Sourcing A.T. Kearney  
2008-Jul-1 Achieve Exceptional Financial Results from Transportation Spend Management Lean Logistics  
2009-Nov-11 Analytics and Procurement Process A.T. Kearney  
2009-Mar-23 Are You Up-To-Date? Pedigree Compliance for Wholesalers and Repackagers SupplyScape  
2008-May-26 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 1 -- the Strategic Perspective Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jun-2 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 2 -- Procurement Organizations Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jun-9 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 3 -- Global Supply Chain Strategy Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jun-16 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 4 -- Building Customer-Supplier Relationships Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jun-23 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 5 -- China Sourcing Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jun-30 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 6 -- Subcontracting and Product Quality in China Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jul-7 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 7 -- Managing Commodity Risk Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Jul-14 BCG-K@W Procurement Report: Part 8: Peformance-based Logistics Knowledge @ Wharton  
2008-Feb-25 Buyers Ask: What Is Market Intelligence? Next Level Purchasing  
2008-Mar-12 Centers of Excellence A.T. Kearney  
2007-Jun-25 CFOs’ Views on Procurement - Information, Risk and Money Ariba  
2008-Dec-17 China\'s Steps Toward Sustainability A.T. Kearney  
2008-Dec-26 Coca-Cola\'s John Brock: Sustainability Is No Longer \'Niche\' Knowledge @ Wharton  
2009-Nov-25 Collaborative Approach to Sourcing Indirect Materials and Services A.T. Kearney  

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Podcast listings are based on information submitted from users like you. Although reasonable efforts are made to ensure accuracy, Sourcing Innovation makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information provided as podcasts can be moved to a new URL or taken offline at any time. If an podcast interests you, Sourcing Innovation recommends that you confirm availability through the link and / or the sponsor link, as some podcasts are made available only for a limted time. If you do find a broken link, please flag it. Thank you.

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